Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slag Valley Star #2

Slag Valley Star #2

Psi Judges Guilty!

In Late breaking news this week, it has been revealed that the investigation into the Psi Judges activities has been a phenomenal success.

The evidence against the Judges was inally discovered at the end of a gruelling covert surveillance operarion. The Psi Judges, beleiving themselves to be unobserved, were filmed attacking a Gamma Corp fortified warehouse. the guards of the warehouse, a Goliath gang called Slagsters, fought bravely but were ultimately forced to withdraw due to superior firepower brought against them.

Due to a tip-off from the surveillance team Gamma Corp was able to remove valuable supplies before the gang attacked and th Van Saars were forced to leave empty handed. Gamma Corp has levied fines against the Psi Judges to the tune of 290cr. Until such time as these fines are paid a bounty has been placed  on the heads of all members of the Judges. The  filmed evidence also showed a witch participating in the battle. It is rumored that an imperial witch hunting team will be active in the ares until this witch is burnt!

There is a desperate shortage of all military and defensive items at the moment.

Gamma Corp are blaming the shortages on the wave of assaults and thefts on their shipments and warehouses recently. According to one source within a well known gang the Corp is artificially creating the shortage to increase profits and have also engineered the reports of the Psi Judges thefts from their warehouses. We will bring you further reports as they become available. [Prices of all weapons are doubled until the next newsletter].

The body of a well known gangster was discovered mutilated in a gruesome fashion at a local Night Train Station.

The gangster known as Dirty Barry has been found mutilated and abused in what is believed to be a violent gang attack. The body is missing multiple fingers and limbs, with Goliath gang marking carved in his head and chest. Doctors have discovered that every joint in his body has been broken or dislocated. The Coroner (incidentally last years Most Muscled Body winner) ruled that the death was caused by accidental falling onto a sharp fence followed by tumbling down a lot of stairs and then he was probably dragged to the station by a feral animal.


Second hand equipment for sale. Ex-rental Gamma Corp weapons. Contact Doc Smith c/p Badlands.

Bounty offered on 'Limpy the Loser', notorious outlaw. The Psi Judges will pay twice the going Bounty for Good ol' Limpy.

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