Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slag Valley Star #2

Slag Valley Star #2

Psi Judges Guilty!

In Late breaking news this week, it has been revealed that the investigation into the Psi Judges activities has been a phenomenal success.

The evidence against the Judges was inally discovered at the end of a gruelling covert surveillance operarion. The Psi Judges, beleiving themselves to be unobserved, were filmed attacking a Gamma Corp fortified warehouse. the guards of the warehouse, a Goliath gang called Slagsters, fought bravely but were ultimately forced to withdraw due to superior firepower brought against them.

Due to a tip-off from the surveillance team Gamma Corp was able to remove valuable supplies before the gang attacked and th Van Saars were forced to leave empty handed. Gamma Corp has levied fines against the Psi Judges to the tune of 290cr. Until such time as these fines are paid a bounty has been placed  on the heads of all members of the Judges. The  filmed evidence also showed a witch participating in the battle. It is rumored that an imperial witch hunting team will be active in the ares until this witch is burnt!

Slag Valley Star #1

Slag Valley Star #1

Gang Warfare has hit the settlement of Fornication Gulch

Reports are coming in of a large scale gang war between a Van Saar Gang called the Psi Judges and a group of Orlocks called The Bushwackers, which shows all the signs of escalating to cover this entire region of Hive Primus.

There has been a long standing feud between these two local gangs which has reached a flashpoint with a shootout in the centre of town. Local residents report that the fight was started by The Bushwackers, and ended in five of their numbers dead.

Robo-Ralph, a local 'guide' saw the entire fight. "Those dog-gone Judges seemed to have an ...whirr... unnatural  ...clunk... ability to know where and when those ...bbrrrr... 'Whackers were vulnerable".

Due to the testimonies of witness's like Robo, the Bushwackers were declared Outlaw and therefore are open to all bounty hunters.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slag Valley Bullett Introduction.

Well this blog is all about the various goings on in Slag Valley, the area of Hive Primus that I play out in necromunda games. Many years ago my gaming group used to publish a newsletter detailing the various goings on around Slag Valley and Fornication Gulch. So this is the intro, next post will be the first Issues of the Slag Valley Star (it changed its name following a scandal involving corruption within the paper) and then the more impartial Slag Valley Bullett. At the end of some articles any subject in square brackets [like these] denote actual campaign events that ran until the next arbitrator event.

Watch this space.....

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