Monday, December 14, 2020

Slag Valley Bullett #20

Abhuman Pit Fighter Causes Moral Dilemma

By Cuckold Stranglethorpe IV
Fans of the arena fights around Golgan's Pit are facing something of a moral quandary as a Squat newcomer is causing mixed feelings amongst spectators. The rookie fighter; Skargii "Grey" Headwallop has caused quite a stir since arriving in Bnoxxi Halfarm's fighting stable. Halfarm has be quoted as saying "Skargii's a good lad, eager to learn and has a great temperament. We had a bit of aggro with some spectators with anti Squat signs but after he accidentally decapitated a sign holder whilst signing autographs there seems to be fewer protests.". His recent bout against the much fancied Torgol Hammerknuckle ended in a TKO when Hammerknuckle failed to leave his corner when he could no longer field his arm.

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