Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slag Valley Bullett #1

Under New Management

Following widespread rumours of corruption and dishonesty, the Slag Valley Star has gone into liquidation. It was reputed to be blatantly pro House Van Saar to the detriment of all other Houses on Hive Primus. Thankfully following the outlawing of the infamous Psi Judges- a terrible band of reprobates who used the Slag Valley Star as a means of maintaining a fa├žade of legality- their printing press and seditious rumor-mongering is no more. We at Snake Press vow to deliver the news without bias or prejudice.


The relative peace of Fornication Gulch was shattered recently when two gangs of hoodlums met out in the wastes with deadly results. Sources reveal that The Warcraft Warriors - a recently formed Goliath gang met a similarly newly formed group of Orlocks calling themselves The Sump Scum. Reports are sketchy but it is believed the Warcraft Warriors superior firepower all but annihilated the unfortunate Orlocks. The Sump Scum haven’t been seen since the fight but the Goliath gang seem to be spending a lot of time over Mug Spitfull’s Drinking and Gambling Boutique.

Slag Valley Bullett #21

Caryatid Assassin 'On Loose'. Reports are coming in of an unaffiliated Caryatid in the Lower Skunkton hab ar...