Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slag Valley Bullett #2

Filthy Man-eaters

The idyllic peace around Slag Valley was once more interrupted by a large scale incursion of a scavvy clan led by the scrofuletic Tomb Dog. A neighbourhood watch group of Delaques called The Clobs were attacked whilst they went about their law abiding business. Witness reports claimed that there were a good number of scavvys including several mutants. It is thought the scavvy gang was intent on plundering the Clobs stash of finely wrought antique gates & cooking receptacles. After an intense firefight the Delaque group drove off the mutated miscreants, only to find out that in the confusion two members of the group were taken captive and spirited away. A posse of concerned citizens have been formed to rescue the two unfortunates. If you would like to volunteer, contact Burg Mersell at the Twisted Prospector drinking establishment.

Slag Valley Bullett #21

Caryatid Assassin 'On Loose'. Reports are coming in of an unaffiliated Caryatid in the Lower Skunkton hab ar...