Friday, September 4, 2015

Slag Valley Bullett #6

Recruitment Drive

By Pastor Pyranium Devout 
Leaked requisition documentaria have surfaced that state that Lord Helmawr has been given the task of raising a regiment from Hive Primus to aid in the passification of several newly discovered habitable systems in the region near the Glock System where the Necromundan 819th regiment are stationed (Slag Valley Bullett issue #2). This honour will mean that many of our hives brave young individuals will soon be donning the raiment of Imperial Guardsmen and fighting filthy xenos scum and mutants in the name of the Emperor of Mankind. The office recruitorium has requisitioned Cunkey Stabler's large home over in the Drydocks area of Fornication Gulch. Those wishing to do their Imperial duty can join up there. Heretics and mutants need not apply.

Training Patrol Ambushed!

By Aurelis Charga
A small group of PDF reservists were attacked leaving a single survivor. The group were performing a live ammunition urban pacification drill when they were set upon by unknown assailants in the Killa Lanneck settlement. Technologically advanced equipment was used to obscure the ambushers until it was too late for the brave volunteers to escape. Patrol leader (and lone survivor) Grigiree Sneck has been overheard saying that inferior weaponry made locating and targeting the enemy virtually impossible. When I approached a spokesman for the reservists to obtain an interview with Mr Sneck I was told he is on administrative leave and is unavailable for comment.

Slag Valley Bullett #21

Caryatid Assassin 'On Loose'. Reports are coming in of an unaffiliated Caryatid in the Lower Skunkton hab ar...